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n. adj.

1) A person who is attracted to all things Chinese.

2) A term used to describe, often pejoratively, a person attracted to Chinese culture, food, women, men, history, etc...
Friend: You remember that one kid on the 2nd floor?
Me: Yeah, the one with an altar dedicated to the Han Emperor?
Friend: Yeah, that guy.
Me: He was such a Sinophile, so what about him?
Friend: His Chinese girlfriend broke up with him and married some Chinese guy.
Me: Ha, fail. We shall celebrate this glorious event.
Friend: Yes, I agree, but what are we specifically celebrating?
Me: We are celebrating the fact that nation of origin owns love.
Friend: Ha.
by The H. December 24, 2005
A person who likes to sin.
Wow....She committed adultery five times this week! She is such a sinophile!
by Col. Hogan July 21, 2011
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