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One who is better at being a pastor than a saint.
"God have mercy on the sinner
Who must write with no dinner,
No gravy and no grub,
No pewter and no pub,
No belly and no bowels,
Only consonants and vowels."

John Crowe Ransom
by nethcev! November 03, 2006
An intelligent being who is intelligent enough to know what sin is and does it anyway.
A demon is an unrepentant sinner.

The drunkard is a sinner.

The whore is a sinner.

The whoremonger is a sinner.

The curser of a True and Holy God like Jesus Christ is a sinner.
by sister of the faith March 31, 2009
Someone who is obsessively pressing the "sin" button on a scientific calculator—it's as if he's guiltily reminding himself of sinful acts he committed.
As a sin-ner, John's "sin-ful" behavior didn't fail to catch his colleagues' attention, especially outside the office.
by MathPlus July 11, 2016
In the undertale fandom, this term is used to describe people who wanna screw the following:

skeletons, sexy robots, fish, dinosaurs, ghosts, and goatmoms.

You will feel your sins crawling down your back.
The act of looking up the hashtag undertail is called sinning. A person who does this is a sinner.
by Freakinjade May 14, 2016
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