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Basically a polite way of saying: Broke, exhausted, and nobody wants to date your ass. -John Leguizamo, actor/comedian.
I can't date her! She's a single mom!
by Neeneehoneybee August 10, 2010
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stipper, exotic dancer; one who dances on a pole
I was slipping dollar$ in that single mom's g-string!
by rob February 09, 2006
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A female who is the sole provider for their child(ren), financially and emotionally. This can be do to unforeseeable circumstances, such as death. Or by choice, such as artificial insemination. Often times these females are forced to seek government assistance, but is not always the case. Women who receive help from the other parent, child support or weekends at the other parents for examples could not be considered single moms. Though they are single, the other parent is still assisting them in rearing the child(ren).
Jane is an awesome single mom, her husband died so now she's doing it all on her own.
by PinkTee October 04, 2009
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1. Any mother who is divorced from or has ended a relationship with the father of her kid(s). The courts are sexist and automatically give custody of children to the mother.

2. A woman who had her first kid when she was about 16 (a fucking slut) and was too damn stupid to give the kid up for adoption. (Letting her mom and dad take care of the kid doesn't count as adoption.)
(Def 1) Jim has 2 kids living with him now. He met a single mom over the Internet a couple of days ago. They moved in together yesterday.

(Def 2) Why are their so many sluts living in this same shitty, condemned apartment building?

They have all been single moms since age 16 and can't afford to live anywhere else.
by MrFranklin June 25, 2006
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A cocktail composed of apple juice, vodka, and crushed ice. Traditionally served with breakfast, or on an airplane, when there is no longer orange juice available.
I had a single mom before breakfast this morning. I can't wait to have another on the flight to DC!
by tedwhat April 21, 2010
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1. An unmarried female parent raising children.

2. A woman working more than 40 hours a week while simeotaneously cooking, cleaning, and nurturing the future generation without the benefit of a helpmate.
75% of single moms in America find themselves in this position due to the rising rate of divorce, not sexual indiscretions.
by Sylvie L. May 15, 2006
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A single female. Struggling and trying to balance working to provide for child, raising her child, and still having some time to herself. Usually, the father either left her because he was too much of a pussy to handle fatherhood, or more tragically, died and left the mother to care for their child alone.
Poor Stacey, struggling with school work, working a night shift and being a single mom all at the same time! But she still manages to love and care for her baby despite the hardships.
by Lunar Escape October 06, 2007
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