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Another word for Ownage/Cool/Sweet/The Best used mainly in Counter-Strike:Source and World of Warcraft, but some other gamers spread it throughout the gaming community.
Dude, that's so Simulation!
by Brian Mead July 25, 2006
28 22
A kinder & gentler word British soccer announcers use to describe the dramatic injuries soccer players routinely feign when they want a foul to be called on their opponent. In truth, what they're describing is almost universally called a dive. (ex.: Callahan took such an obvious dive, the referee gave him a yellow card for unsportsmanlike conduct.)
Announcer (describing player writhing on the ground): Beckham's loss would be a terrific blow to this already beleaguered squad, Ian.

Color commentator: It certainly would, Brian, if he's actually injured. But let's... look at the replay... right there, you can see Robinho merely tugged at his shirt, so this is just a simulation for the referee's benefit.
by Rocketfueler June 27, 2010
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