Sims 2 is the awsomest game around! It is quite addicting and you will always here your mom saying "GET OFF THE COMPUTER RIGHT NOW! YOU'VE BEEN ON IT FOR 10 DAYS STRAIGHT!"
You know you play the Sims 2 too much when you:
a)Leave your dirty dishes on the floor thinking the maid will clean it up,
b)When you climb into bed and 30 seconds later you wonder why you're still awake,
c)After you get out of the shower, you wonder why you're still dripping wet and naked.
by Reilly Irene June 03, 2006
A game which is so brill you loose track of time and you eyes go all baggy after playing it all day

Mum: Aren't you having your breakfast?
Kid playing on Sims 2: ...
Mum: Aren't you having your lunch?
Kid playing on Sims 2: ...
Mum: Dinner???
Kid playing on Sims 2: When's breakfast???

(it's trying to say that the kid lost track of time)
by Sazmaz December 14, 2006
the sims 2 is an addicting game that is on many platforms, the most popular being PC. It has two expansion packs out, University where you r sims can go to University and become young adults, and have parties, and Nightlife, where your sims have cars and can go out on dates and go to Downtown where there are many restaurants, bowling alleys etc.

The sims 2 requires 3.5GB hard drive, the expansion packs require 1.5 GB hard drive each on top of this, and the game is slower with an expansion pack
parent: get off the sims 2, you've been on there for 10 hours straight!
person: I'll close it in a second, after my sim meets this other sim..and they chat...and then get to know each other...and then fall in love...and get married...and have children...and get good jobs....and then get a good house...
by Addicted to the Sims 2 January 01, 2006
A game that takes quite a chunk of space out of your computer, amounting it to nothing by the time the fourth expansion comes out. If your compy has the specs to run it, you'll have a reasonably fun time.
I spend more time downloading crap for my sims than playing it.
I've downloaded so much I can't even play anymore.
by Skin-Nerd July 17, 2005
A video game in which you control famlies, design houses, decorate houses, ect.
While playing the Sims 2:

Girl: What are you doing?
Boy: Making my sim burn down his house
by Jordan B. April 13, 2006
A game that is so addictive and you know it when you make a Sim of yourself so you can Woohoo the hot Sim that lives next door...
Person 1: What cha up too?
Person 2: Playing Sims 2, watching myself get off with Ian Watkins from next door!
by PeanutButterJellyTime January 09, 2008
I warn you, don't get this game if you don't have a lot of free time and hard drive space and your disposal. I got this game, It was cool at first, but now it seems that every time I get on it, I get bored as hell and quit after just one sim-day (about 7 minutes if you consider the fast forwards). Also, the base game itself takes up like 3000 mb, plus all the expansions make it like 7 thousand. AND you'll probably increase it to 10 thousand just from download a ton of custom content. I wouldn't suggest getting this game unless you have a second computer solely for the purpose of playing it.
College Kid: FUCK!! I don't have enough drive space to download this pair of Sims 2 underwear! Oh, wait, I could delete my Final Report!
by Slayn June 17, 2007

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