A French Candadian band who may not satisfy your ohsohardcore persona, but still can make quality music.

Whilst everyone thinks they are complaining about their own lives, the truth is, they write for their fans. They are a down-to-eath band who still keeps in mind that without the fans, they'd be nothing. Pierre, David, Jeff, Chuck and Sebastien all go out of their ways to make sure that no matter how "popular" their music may get, they still take the time out to meet up and talk to their fans. Which, is quiet frankly, more than any of your OMGZIMSEWHxC bands could ever say.

While still doing that, they have donated a lot to good causes such as the Tsunami Relief Fund and Live 8. Because they know the real problems in the world and just because they were fortunate enough to be born in a country where they don't have to worry about hunger or poverty, doesn't mean they're not "allowed" to write about problems that everyday teenagers have, you know... in a non-third world country.

They only mean to do good, and if you can't see that, well. Then, get your head out of your hardcore scene ass and stop being so stuck up.
Scene kid: Oooh. I'm waaaay too hXc cewl to listen to a poppy band like Simple Plan. Maaan. Those guys are sellouts... and, because I was told so: Sellouts are laaame.

Me: *backhands*
by hawtsects September 25, 2005
Simple Plan is a Canadian pop-punk rock band. The band has recently achieved widespread popularity despite receiving little appreciation from critics who claim they are posers with no creativity, talent, musicianship, or depth. Simple Plan claims that they are just doing what they love and will never stop. On their second album 'Still Not Getting Any...' the track "Shut Up" is a response to critics.

The band:

Pierre Bouvier — vocals
Chuck Comeau — drums
David Desrosiers — bass and background vocals
Sebastien (Seb) Lefebvre — guitar and background vocals
Jeff Stinco — lead guitar

Simple Plan came about in stages that began with the founding of Reset, a Canadian punk band, by high-school friends Pierre Bouvier and Charles Comeau at the age of thirteen. Reset toured around Canada with bands such as MxPx, Ten Foot Pole, and Face to Face, but only ever gained mild popularity. The debut album was released in 1997. Comeau soon left to go to college, but two years later he hooked up with Jeff Stinco and Sebastien Lefebvre, and again started making music. It was coincidence that brought Comeau and Bouvier back together at a Sugar Ray concert in late 1999, and Bouvier soon left Reset and joined his old friends. David Desrosiers replaced Bouvier in Reset, but when asked to join the foursome, he too left the band and joined the four friends. Simple Plan was born.

Role Model Clothing, the label that Bouvier and Comeau are often seen sporting, was actually formed before Simple Plan by Comeau, Bouvier, and their friend Patrick Langlois, who is now responsible for merchandising and the web, as well as being videographer for the band. Langlois and Lefebvre also have their own side project, a label called Man of the Hour, which is just starting out.

Pierre Bouvier also appears as the host of Damage Control, MTV's new reality television series.


'No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls'(2002)

'Still Not Getting Any...' (2004)
Simple Plan perform the theme song for the show "Whats New Scooby Doo".
by Jadyn June 23, 2005
One of the most awesome bands ever. They actually write their own songs, so its actually their music. They really don't care what people say about them, and the only one that's dyed their hair black is David Desrosiers(bass player). The band consists of 5 memebers:
Pierre Bouvier: Lead Vocals
David Desrosiers: Bass, Back Up Vocals
Sebastien Lefebvre: Back Up Guitar, Back Up Vocals
Jean-Francois Stinco(Jeff): Lead Guitar
Charles Comeau(Chuck): Drums
As Pierre sang his heart out, and as David, Seb, and Jeff strummed their guitars, as Chuck took all his anger out on the drum set that sat before him, the crowd chanted: "Simple Plan, Simple Plan!"
by Julsie May 17, 2005
A Canadian Pop-Punk band consisting of 5 members.
-Pierre Bouvier
-David Desrosiers
-Chuck Comeau
-Jeff Stinco
-Sebastien Lefebrve

They have have 3 albums out.
-No pads, No helmets, just balls.
-Sill not getting any...
-Simple plan.
They also have a 'Live in japan' album out.

This band is often classified as Untalented or Whiney because of thier lyrics.
But, The people who often state this do not realize that the band wrote these so called 'immature' lyrics when they were in thier teens. They also dont realize that they write music that thier fans can connect to.
Simple plan has many other talented songs that are not thier hit singles.
Thier music deals with issues that happen in everyday life.
Thier songs are easy to relate to, and they dont have overly dramatic lyrics. They state what they need to say simply, yet thier words have a powerful affect on the people who listen to it.

Simple plan has hit songs such as, 'Im just a kid, 'shut up', and 'Welcome to my life.'
by xMadlikeahatter July 10, 2008
Just a band. All bands are businesses. All bands cater for an audience. Their audience is mostly young and mostly inexperienced but that doesn't make them a bad band. They have incredibly catchy tunes and for a pop band that is the most important thing. Just because they don't scream like Norma Jean or have a political message like The Dead Kennedies doesn't mean they don't make fun, listen-able music.
Lets listen to Simple Plan like I would listen to any other band and lets keep an open mind about them because pop punk can be fun.
by electro-boy March 16, 2008
Simple plan dont sing that great, but they have more talent than the people who post how lame they are. Simple plan is famous, and are the losers who type out "I hate simple plan they shood die!!"? No. Simple plan is better then they'll ever be... unless they become a doctor, or have a better/more famous band then them....
John: "Simple plan sux. they should die."
Tina: "At least they dont make a living pumping gas!"
by Lilah October 03, 2006
Obviously all you cocksuckahs are retarded. =]
Simple Plan is one of the BEST bands ever.
If you think they're whiny, oh well. They're teenagers. Fucking deal with it.
They're not trying to be punk. They're... college rock, or something like that. So get your facts straight before you make yourselfs look like idiots. Khay?
YOU: OMG, Simple Plan sucks so effing hard.
ME: Aww, HELL naw. Bitch.
YOU: What? You seriously LIKE them?
ME: What? You seriously DON'T like them?
YOU: Uhh... yeah.
ME: Faggot...
by O_o_I'm_a_freak_o_O April 27, 2009
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