they are one of the best bands ever. people always are saying that they have to much to complain about, but its their outlook on life, and its not just for them to complain about; its also for others to realte to. and then others say they have a punk image; not really, its just David and Jeff that make them look punk. so judge all you will Simple Plan is one of the best bands i have ever heard of!!
me: so did you listen to the band?
Talyse: Simple Plan? of course, only the best band ever... now i need tickets!!!
Me: they go on sale tomorrow!

(we get up an hour before tickets go on sale, and wait eagerly at computer for best tickets!!)
#the truth #defending #kewl #best band ever #huge fan
by rachel ainsworth July 25, 2006
An extremely gay pop-punk band who bitch about parents, teenage years, and shit. They and Good charlotte continue to give a bad name to better bands, such as Green day, and blink182.
synonyms: Good charlotte, Dashboard confesional.
Person:1: OMG!! Simple plan is SOO hot!!
Person2: Shut the fuck up.
by Rodger Headley October 16, 2004
1. A mainstream pop band with no talent bragging bout their lives.

2. Poser "rock band"

3. Fans have an IQ lower than 70 or severe mental retardation.
A typical Simple Plan fangirl: Ohhhhhhhh they're not mainstream they have real talent and are better than Deep Purple and Zeppelin. Simple Plan fans are mentally retarded.
#paramore #dot dot curve #metro station #linkin park #tokio hotel
by Splashicious September 27, 2011
SIMPLE PLAN is a pathetic pop band that formed in 1999. They're constantly ridiculed for their fagged up lyrics. I totally agree with this because all they ever "sing" about is how dumb their life is, & how their girlfriends dumped them because they found out they were gay and that they have vaginas.
PIERRE BOUVIER: Insufferable lead singer, enjoys making childish and obscene gestures with his stubby hands.
JEFF STINCO: Pfft! More like STINKO. He's the "lead guitar" in the band. He's also the egg head with the girly face and abnormally big earrings.
CHUCK CORNEAU: This one attempts to drum in the "band".
SEBASTIEN LEFEBVRE: Yet again, merely attempts rhythm guitar while failing miserably.
DAVID DESROSIERS: Tries much too hard to play bass guitar. He's the wearer of queer try hard emo haircuts and girl's jeans. Yeah, real cool David.

Even though they suck so badly, Simple Plan still (very sadly) has a large audience of mainstream teenyboppers with no taste in actual music.

SIMPLE PLAN SUCK... Seriously do not fall into the trap of becoming a "POSER".
#lame #self-centred #pathetic #stupid #naive #band
America sinks low to listen to crap or let it in to this great land. Oh well, but Simple Plan is the worst band , those darn pseudo-punks that are rich!!!! Seriously, listen to real punk or leave me alone.
Simple Plan.... destroy their cds.. Warner Bros. oddly enough is good at selling albums
by East Bay Ray November 06, 2004
gay really gay, i need 20 letters
man their gay yet again i need 20 letters
by CS March 11, 2005
a very misunderstood band. everyone seems to be pissed because they "sing about their sucky lives" but the truth is, they don't. they sing songs they want their fans to be able to relate to. sometimes people need things to listen to, to make them happy. if you don't like them then ok, don't listen to them, but leave everyone alone who knows they are obviously a lot better than soo many other people who have tried to get into the music industry, and waste too much time complaining about them. it's seriously pathetic. they are an extremly talented band, and have really made some great music that all their fans appreciate. and for everyone who hates them, they don't make their music for you, they make it for their fans, so fuck off.
simple plan are talented. your just a piece of shit. fuck off. stop wasting your time.
#fgjhfg.jffgj.fjfgj #fgjfgj #jfjfg #jfjg #fjgfgjf
by DavidIsMySlut776 September 24, 2005
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