1)Peice Of Emo Trash
2)Some movie
Simple Plan is so god damn emo
by JSZ May 20, 2005
this band. sucks. it's that simple.

so shitty. almost as shitty as good charlotte. seriously, get a life? people? honestly? i can't take this guys voice. just please. stop listening to this music. please. please. they came here with avril and i'm so happy that i live far away from where they played cuz my friends could hear it and i pity their ears. i want to die when i hear them they suck the fuck


perfect. is a good song. as much as it hurts to admit it. it's a good song.
"simple plan can suck on a fuck and go eat shit."

"yeah dude. except for that perfect song."

"yeah man, that's not too bad."

"but they still gotta go get laid."
by james f August 12, 2005
Crappy band that has a lead singer that sounds like a Pre-teen girl. One of the many bands that are driving the rock genre into the ground.
Thanks to bands like simple plan rap is taking over and rock is going downhill.
by Jacob January 30, 2005
A power-pop band whos fan base mainly contains under 14 teeny-bopper "grungers". Often mistaken for punk, however never will be. Liked/Hated mainly for their lyrics:'i'm a dick- im adicted to you' on their song "addicted" and for thier jumps in the middle of songs.
simple plan fan: 'i cant go see simple plan because the venue is over 14s only! not fair!'
by lea_lea_lea July 27, 2004
A band that I used to like but not anymore. I have left them for System of a Down, which on the other side of the spectrum, actually makes sense in their own nonsensical way.
*some person*: Look! I got the new Simple Plan album!
*Me*: Dude, you are in serious need of a realization that SOAD owns their ass.
by wouldntyouliketoknow June 13, 2004
Attention all preps, attention all preps. Humans (a very interesting species of life capable of intellect, unlike the zombie-like preppies)do not like Simple Plan for two reasons: their musical artistry is below average at best and worse, they are popular, indicating the eventual downfall of humanity. You preppies and punk/skater posers need to understand that MTV is taking a giant shit on you and you lick it up like ice cream. Its quite disturbing to see other quasi-life forms indulge themselves in what is essentially raw sewage. But then again, its a bit amusing...
Simple Plan maintains a complex thought process behind their songs: play simple-minded music and simple-minded beings will buy it, i.e. preppies.
by friend of bob May 15, 2004
A Band that is NOT PUNK ROCK they never said they were punk rock. stop stereo-typing bands. all they want to do is make music they never asked for you to like them. they dont CARE at all if you hate them or not.
Simple Plan does have fans they dont really care you hate them
by Jen and Danielle December 29, 2005
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