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the act of 'stealing' a friend's friends.
'i hung our with kelly last night'
'kelly who?'
'jason's friend'
'oh, you Simonized her?'
by samiam55 October 05, 2009
brought about by the judge simon in American idol, simonizing is taking a certain comment of critisism, usually bad, and making it an insult
Bob: Joe just broke up with Kate, and Steve totally came in and simonized the easy letdown!!!!!!!!

Jim: JERK!!!!!
by MASTUR CH33F :) March 07, 2009
1. pwn in a street race
2. Wax
3. Turn and burn
4. what happens to glenn's car when he races a minivan
WOOOO! VR4 Baby! We waxed em!
Simonize that shiat! Who's your father?
by SMONEY March 16, 2004
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