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Someone who is both silly and a bitch
Steph is a Silly Bitch
by Bonichetti April 02, 2008
Someone whose weapons cannot harm the Juggernaut.
"Silly bitch, yo weapons cannot harm me, don't you know who the fuck i am? I'M THE JUGGERNAUT!"
by Intelligent sir August 07, 2009
1. Someone, typically a female, who gets irrationally annoyed at things.
2. Someone, typically a female, who does something completely stupid.
1. "And then she just started being a sillybitch, I didn't know what to do"
2. Oh, you absolute sillybitch!
by JamesDonald March 12, 2013
A silly bitch is someone who thinks they are funny, knows they are funny, and everyone else knows they are funny.
Dane cook is a silly bitch
by Brad the Silly Bitch September 02, 2006