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Someone who is like a sister to you and is your best friend
A girl who you can tell anything is your siffle
by theawesomekid2013 March 25, 2013
Siffling is a means of breaking something up in order to increase its overall surface area so that it may be consumed much more easily. This 'something' can be information, food, various organic, inorganic and inert substances. It should not be confused with sieveing as with siffling there is no unwanted by product.

The sign language for this word is conducted by placing one hand in front of your chest, palm up, pointing in the direction of the opposite arm. The second hand should mirror the first, and the tip of the fingers of the second hand should sit directly below the base of the fingers of the first hand. Once in this position one should move each hand to and from the body whereby the first hand moves forward and the second hand moves back at the same time and vice versa.
"I'm siffling through this book to find out what its about."
"I've siffled for many hundreds of miles and I can conclude that this is where my family shall live."
by Mark Ingram April 09, 2008

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