the prettiest girl alive. she is the bestest friend to walk the planet. she is probably the most talented girl alive. gorgeous eyes. short. beautiful. she is also a verry hard worker and NEVER puts herself first. she is the most gorgeous girl alive. NELLIE. Nellie stands for Nice, Energetic, loveable, likeable, insperational, extraordinary. yup that is a sidney. she is verry verry fasionable. and is super popular. she has so many great friends that absolutly adore her and would do any thing for her. BOYS hold on to her. because she is a gift. a gift you never ever ever want to imagine losing. She is an amazing dancer. she will go so far in life and has the worlds prettiest smile. i love sidney and would walk to the moon and back for her. please don't take a sidney for advantage. she is to gorgeous its unreal. just show her you love her...
i love that girl. she must be a sidney.
by sheldonthecrab November 20, 2011
Top Definition
The most amaizing girlfriend ever!!!!! There are so many things about this girl that make her THE BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER like how she manges to look past all the bad stuff you've done if you can promise her you won't do them anymore because she just wants the best for you because she cares and how she only cares about the person she's with and no matter what other people say she doesn't let that effect the relationship. It might be kind of hard to tell but the person she's with really is the person she cares about the most. And she's the kind of girl you don't wana let go of so when your holding her in your arms hold her tight because there's not many girls like her. She's beautiful, funny, smart, and sweet. It's easy to fall in love with a girl like her because she's perfect in every single way and she deserves the best so unless you can give that to her then don't waste her time. And when you tell her you love her you better mean it!!!!!
Sidney is the best girlfriend ever.
by 10-21-09 February 03, 2010
The most awesome master of the unicorns.
Wow! Her name is Sidney! You know that means the most awesome master of the unicorns?
by Rey1428 August 18, 2011
A sexy babe that can make anyone sawoon on the spot. She knows how to glaze some mad ceramics and probably knows every single word from that umbrella song against her will. She's just an all around hot and awesome Irish chick, yo.
"Did you see that, homeskillet?"
"Yeah man, that chick was a freakin Sidney."
by angrylunchtard September 25, 2009
a world class drinker, knows how to party and have a good time. can control herself when drunk but can sometimes get otta control. seems to be always involved in drama, but can always find her way out with the help of close friends. mostly likely can have a very cute laugh. one of the most amazing friends anyone can ask for. has great views on life and how things work and dont care what nobody says aobut her she just living life.
Girl 1- arnt you afraid what them other girls are gonna say

girl-2 nahh i just gonan pull a sidney
by that guy with that thing January 02, 2011
Sidney. The girl that is always on your mind no matter what you are doing. The girl that you met a few weeks ago and already are falling for her. The girl that changed your life for the better and continues to do that. Sidney is beautiful, smart, funny, adorable, athletic, cute, nice, amazing, and perfect. Sidney has beautiful eyes, hair, a beautiful smile, beautiful nose, beautiful eyebrows, soft hands, a voice which is to die for, Sidney has the lips of an angel. Sidney is perfect. She has the most amazing body and the best laugh. Sidney is perfect. She fills your heart with genuine love and happiness that you have never felt before. Sidney is perfect.
Sidney is the one that completes me man! I can honestly say that I want to be with her for a long long time.
by Poseidon and Zeus November 29, 2015
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