A very creative person who is usually very introverted and quiet. They are very nice people and would do anything to help others. But if you get on their bad side, expect the silent treatment for a while, they don't usually hold on to grudges but when they do its for a while. They can be a boy or girl as well.
What's that girl/boys name that help the sad kid stop crying?
Oh that's Sidney, nicest kid in the grade!
by blankedout July 07, 2015
One whose liver is edible.
I'm hungry! I better find a Sidney.
by Sidney November 30, 2004
Amazing cool hot funny country blonde and the coolest most sexy girl I know
Sexy cool awesome amazing hot Sidney
by Alphonzo overstreet June 03, 2013
A prestigious doctor whose humble beginnings in medicine trace back to Texas in the early 2000's. Once considered by many to be a true player he fell in love with an employee of a humble food service establishment. Sidney now crusades against disease and sickness everywhere he goes and has reached almost mythical proportions in the field of medicine.
Son, maybe someday you will grow up to be the next Sidney.
by SAMillerTime February 05, 2010
She is a bitch. Usually very fat and ugly. She thinks she's the coolest girl ever and will do anything and everything just for attention. She likes to fake stuff. Things like being dyslexic or being hurt. The main thing she fakes, though, is seizures. Yes. She thinks having fake seizures is funny and uses it for sympathy. She also pretends she's black and calls everyone "nigga" and can not spell correctly to save her life. She's ugly, rude, crude, fat and about any other thing you can think of. If you meet a Sidney or see one walking towards you turn the other way and ignore under any circumstance. She's no good.
"Dude did you hear what happened to Sidney today?"
"Yeah, don't even get me started. It was so fake."
by icantchooseaname January 29, 2015
a name used by asian parents to misspell sydney, yet sound the same.
Asian Mother: "I named my son Sidney Ang!"
Asian Father: "Don't you mean Ang Sidney?"
Asian Mother: "K, JUST GO STFU."
by nndrew April 12, 2006
First used in early 2009 in Victoria, Australia, this term is commonly used as a colloquial term in both a descriptive and derogatory fashion.

Noun - To describe a person that shows a distinct lack of moral fibre and/or moral scruples. A person that acts selfishly, with or without any thought, towards a person or persons towards whom they should demonstrate respect, grattitude, or ethcial consideration towards.

Adjective- An act that is performed by one person towards another person, often causing tremendous disadvantage to the affected party, and is performed to provide the perpetrator with some type of gain or advantage.
SIDNEY is a term that can be used in the same fashion as, and in place of, the term Judas.

"I got that bitch a job, a house, lent him money, and then she pulled a SIDNEY on me. She took my job, screwed my husband, and kicked my dog. What a cock smoker!"

"I cant believe he chucked a SIDNEY on me! After all I have done for that guy he really stabbed me in the back..."

"Mate, I really need your support on this right now. If I bring you in on this project you better make sure you don't rip me SIDNEY style, or I will be forced to kick your ass!"

"I can't believe my bastard husband! He left me with a young child, no money, took the car, and was fucking my best friend behind my back...he really handed me the big SIDNEY, and I don't know what to do."

"You treacherous, SIDNEY-ass motherfucker."
by K9GUY June 01, 2009
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