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one who moves silently behind/beside you
-I'm at my desk and Frank is reading my e-mails behind my back, he's a real sidler
by nikolam July 14, 2008
Bryan. if you know him, you already know this shit
Also known to copy peoples MSN messenger contact list with out saying a word
(Rami)"ya, so I was banging this chick right and..."
(Sidler)"What?? Whats that? What are you guys talking about?"
(Rami)"shit, why is that guy such a sidler?"
by Rami April 09, 2005
A corporate sycophant who sidles up to superiors to flatter and impress them
She was a sidler to the manager, always hovering in his presence with a smarmy smile...
by TheOneAndOnlyCaller June 11, 2011
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