someone who derives perverse pleaure from tricking into doing disgusting things, e.g. Taking pictures of their shriveled penis, viewing a Japanese woman with a kicked-in face in a tub of yellowish crap, etc. Also aggressively attacks people with huge personality flaws e.g. pedophilia, anorexia, stupidity, etc. also know as Sid, BurnZ, BurnZy, David, BeezleBurnZ
Ever since I let it slip that I enjoy eating old folks underwear, everyone has turned into a sideburnZ on me.
by JoJo the rabid monkey February 08, 2004
Top Definition
A man who takes pride in friends he will never meet in real life. He sleeps in his closet on most nights, and doesn't bathe. Also he has a sock that he wears on his left hand that has a face similar to his great-grandpa's and he spends time talking to this sock on his hand.
SideburnZ just spent twelve hours in his closet talking to his sock again while Masturbating to his winter boots.
by Slapstick Comedy Gone Wrong September 09, 2004
SideburnZ, or BurnZy as some may call him, is an internet legend. He is renowed for his ability to trick anyone, especially the dumb or sexually deviant.

Whether he destroys the cyber life of an internet predator like BigJ (Classic) or he forces a paedophile into hiding amongst a river of his own tears (GameOver!), he does so with a style and comical wit that are unmatched. He is a warrior. He is an artist.

Under his hard shell lies a gentle soul that few have yet to see. A past of pain has buried the lad in a shroud of privacy. The few that are let in to see the true, real SideburnZ fall in love instantly.

And he has a great ass.
"Look at the ass on him...BurnZy must work out!"
by SECRET ADMIRER January 25, 2005
The puppeteer of all puppeteers. Nobody knows his real name, but everyone fears him, for he could be your friend one minute, but stroke you the next (see: TheBigJ) He listens to music which few, but some enjoy, enjoys horror movies and the whole horror genre. One would say he is a legend.
SideburnZ owned TheBigJ, he made him look like a loser, oh wait, no, SideburnZ was just proving it. HAHA lol.
by Sammy McElroy February 08, 2004
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