A form of hereditary anemia that causes the red blood cells to stop functioning, causing lethargy. For the most part, only occurs in black peoples.
I'm running fast! Fast FAST! Shit, here comes the sickle cell. My running days are over, time to get back to the TV and welfare, hehe. :P
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
Top Definition
Sickle Cell comes in two forms:
Sickle Cell trait Sickle Cell disease.
Sickle Cell trait is when you're a carrier of the gene. There aren't really any eminent medical concerns. There are limitations on what you should do that comes with the trait.
Sickle cell disease usually occurs when two people with Sickle Cell trait have a child. Sickle Cell disease can create major medical concerns such as blood sickling episodes and stroke.

Both come with the chance or higher susceptibility to Anemia.
Both are also hereditary. Most times it (in trait form) is found in African Americans. (1 in 500 African Americans have it, some don't know)
"Do you think this wig would give people Sickle Cell?" Chris Rock, Good Hair
by girlwiththetrait October 27, 2011
(adj): someone so fuckin' hood that even their blood cells could mess you up.
Yo, you heard about that girl Tori? Don't mess, bitch is sickle cell.
by _Db_ July 15, 2015
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