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Using sick time at work to get a paid vacation because you are about to lose your accumulated sick time or because you want days off but have no more vacation time.
I really want to get away next week but I used all my vacation time, I'll just take a sickation.
by benny_hill_show July 10, 2008
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The act of using one's sick hours or sick days at work as a vacation day(s)
"I have 83.8 sick hours"
"Dude! You need to take a sickation!"
by celticguy11 January 21, 2013
Sickation - when one has no vacation time left for the year at work, he or she may resort to use what is known as "sickation". Sick time taken off from work when in reality you were just out of vacation time.
"Hey, I noticed Hoppy is not at work today, is he sick?"
"No he is on sickation again!"
by JFred SUT December 16, 2009

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