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Siberia is in either Europe or Asia... or like, Russia or something. It's fucking cold.
It's cold in Siberia, NIGGUH!
by grey September 22, 2005
A part of Russia to the East from the Ural Mountains. Siberia geographicaly is devided into two parts: Western and Eastern. Western Siberia is extremely rich in oil and natural gas. Eastern - in metals and diamonds. Climate is cold, drops down to - 50 C in winter. Summer is hot - up to 35 C. For the US residents: temperature is not in Farenheit. Russian people who live there are called sibiryaki. In Russia they are well known for big height and physical strength.
That guy is form Siberia. If I were you I wouldn't mess with him.
by Yury January 17, 2006
The code word used by a group of people to explain the romantic activity of absent couple. Ie (kissing, sex, etc)
"Hey man, have you seen Isaac?"-Sam
"He went to Siberia with Morgan.."-Barry
"Haha tell him to Go For Gold!"-Sam
by DUKEMEISTER March 26, 2010
An adjective for cold
Weather Man: It's going to be -3 degrees today

Guy: Wow! It's Siberia today
by Boss8765 January 05, 2014
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