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An amazing wonderful person. Describing someone as a Shyley is an act of kindness. The person is very beautiful, very strong-hearted, and extremely nice. A very loving person to all those they meet, and always fills ones heart with joy.
Person 1: I'm home sweetie, I brought you flowers.

Person 2: Awe! Your such a Shyley!
by bruinsfan1994 October 25, 2009
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a stupid evil kid that is the devil's child.
Get your crucifix here comes Shyley
by :) April 09, 2004
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Shay (Shai) means "present" or "gift" in Hebrew and Li means "me" in Hebrew
Shyley; My present (i am a gift for you)..

gift me

Shyley is the best gift
by Shyley June 22, 2015
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