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This amazing, tall, blonde girl who is love-able and fun to be around. The average Shyan tends to play softball on a sucky team and only win two games a season, but that's okay because Carly and Lauren love Shyan xD Shyans also like to call their friends and say they're raping ponies up the butt. Shyan is also know as Bonquiqui Chickenfrynesha Barakobamanesha, and Darell (Dare-el). SHYAN RULES.
Bonquiqui Chickenfrynesha Barakobamanesha just ROCKED MY BED. :D

Shyan is awesome.
by -Darell (Duh-relll) :D July 15, 2010
Whore, Skank, Slut, Hoe, Bitch ect.
Dude, that Shyan stole my bf.
by Poppopopopopop October 11, 2011
A Druid who gets pwned by Willic the super awesome Pally on WoW everyday.
Person 1: Wow did you see that?
Person 2: Yea, Willic pwned Shyan good! He's Amazing
by gHo5t August 30, 2008