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When you have high expectations of/from something/someone and they let you down.

Background: Based on the fascinating twist in M. Night Shymalan's The Sixth Sense vs. the big letdown and predictability of The Village
a. Pete did a shyamalan on me for the technology section of our new business plan.

b. Pete is shymalanesque
by Anish Ratnam February 22, 2005
A handjob with a twist right at the moment of climax. The result is painful and ruins a normally enjoyable experience, much like an M. Night Shyamalan film.

Crazy bitch surprised me with a Shyamalan during a handy, fucked up my nut. It was worse than Airbender cause i couldnt get my $10 back.
by DisposablePal March 25, 2011
A Shyamalan can be used to describe a girl who looks great from behind however upon seeing the front of her, you are horrified at your findings (the twist!).
That girl I sat behind in my Spin class looked hot, but when she reached back for her water bottle, she was a Shyamalan; what a twist!
by Gellikit October 26, 2010
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