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1. Something that is very exciting, pleasing or interesting.

2. Something that you can comprehend or relate to.

3. Confirmation to something; yes.
EX1: Dude 1: I got a Rickenbacker bass and all wood 1970's amplifier, it's shwoo man.

EX2: Dude 1: This kid was talkin trash about how "Xxrocker skateemoedgehXcxX" he was, and he would not shut up! I punched him in the face.

Dude 2: Shwoo.

EX3: Dude 1: Hit you and your girlfriend up to go to the concert tonight, it's gonna be sick. The Dead Kenedy's are headlining!

Dude 2: Shwoo.
by Cory Walker March 23, 2006
a person who is all about surfing. He loves when the waves are pitted and when he comes out of a wave its like wapow.
Jake:My friend is such a shwoo.
Brenny:You mean Jon?
Brenny:Dude where is he this weekend?
Brenny:I'm so not surprised.
by Quakerfriend October 29, 2010
Really great entertainment
shwoo fun
by pm1 February 27, 2009
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