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Shit, when used in context with Twitter.
Twitter geek just informed his minions that he was going to take a shwit.

I wish these clown friends of mine would quit telling me about all of this boring shwit.
by oldfart77 April 26, 2009
The act of taking a shit immediatly before showering and without exiting the bathroom. Shwit's are common after a long day of outdoor activity, before heading out for the night, or if a catastrphic shit has occured causing undesired or extreme fecal dispersion. In the case of the latter, one may make the determination to take a "shwit" instead of the a singular "shit" midway through the act. In some regions, the term can also refer to a "trio" of actions, with the addition of shaving. If located in a hotel room or another location where the "shwitter" will not be responsible for completing the laundry, the "shwitter" may choose to skip the traditional toilet paper whipe and instead use a warm washcloth while in the shower to clean the affected areas.
"Are you ready to hit the bar?"
"No, I need to take a quick SHWIT before we head out."
by Ciller August 14, 2013