Verb: shwing, shwung To bang (have sex with) someone. Can also refer to intense partying.
I want to shwing that chick so bad.
I`m gonna hit up 11th street and get my shwing on.
by BigNigginShwingMaster November 09, 2010
A pimp fox with lapels.
Dude, Shwing! has huge lapels...
by Capntar April 21, 2006
Used when something is cool or in the house, dog.
Wow, check her out! Shwing!
by urmom December 22, 2002
1. to have sex
2. to replace the word "cool", or "sweet"
3. can be used in past tense, as shwung
1. "dude i'm shwingin' that hot carley chick tonight!"
2. "i'm soooo drunk! SHWINGGGG!"
2. "get shwung you jerk."
by candylane June 08, 2009
word exclaimed after completing something of difficulty
schwing!I beat the game!
by brock boudreau January 25, 2005
Tech support call center lingo meaning:

"Saying whatever it takes to get a customer off the phone without helping them"
When that guy told me he had Windows 9.0 I knew I was going to have to shwing him.
by Jay March 10, 2004
open to interpretation, whatever, untitled, flexible, happening, hot, exclamation - like when you make or a good shot or screech around a corner.
This piece of art is so shwing!
by shwing website August 15, 2003

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