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1.Los Gatos slang for bad marijuana.

2.Anything that's shitty
Dude this pot is shwap!

That test last period is shwap dude. I totally failed it!
by Diesel King420 December 21, 2013
1.The sound of the net when you make a swish in basketball.
2.The action of one-upping someone
"I'm about to shwap on you"
"Oh Shwap"
by SneakyDave September 29, 2011
To take a big hit of marijuana by inhaling quickly from either a bong or a lung
Dude, shwap that shit hard and hold it in. Don't be a pussy.
by Domo23 February 23, 2013
Shwap is alcoholic beverages (can be a singular or plural term); so, if youre going to buy some shwap, you're going on a beer run.
To BE shwapped, is to be extremely drunk.
New closely related words have been derived from it, including SHWAPTASTIC, a term used when someone does something fantastic when theyre drunk. it therefore becomes shwaptastic. Some people play with the word and say shwippity shwapped or other silly things. but you get the picture. this word came from the wonderful city of Manhattan Beach, California. We are the founders :)
Kylee was so shwapped last night you should have seen what she did. i must say, it was shwaptastic.
by mbbabe March 19, 2009
Slang term for a sound that is made when having sexual intercourse. Can also be used as a term for sexual intercourse.
I'm bouts to shwap tonight!
by Shwaper Tiffany March 08, 2008
1. Something that is very bad quality

2. Someone that is flaw
"Yo Jason, this pot you sold me is shwap"
"Sorry dawg, not my problem."

"Did you hear about what Jason did to me?"
"Yeah bro, he's so shwap!"
by Jahoolius December 06, 2015
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