A period of nothingness that is needed to recharge your batteries. Not answering phones, emails, texts, or doing anything that requires communication with anyone. It's "me" time on a more selfish level.
After multiple projects at work being thrown at her, endless requests from husband, and a schedule that would make anyone's heads spin, her friend, kindly gave her some advice one day,...after hearing her vent for an hour. Whit, I don't know what to do!! It's just getting too nuts,..I can't take it anymore....says Mindy. Girl, you just need to take a day, and just "Shut it Down"
by WhitPatt February 08, 2012
Shut it down.

Said by a friends father that has an hilarious wisconian accent.
Jash (supposed to be pronounced as Josh), Jash! Shut it down!
You need to shut it down jash!
Jash, shut it down man!
by learningisforthebest February 05, 2014
when someone has done so many good tricks (i.e. skateboarding) at a certain spot, stair, handrail.. he has then "shut it down"
"Did you hear about that one guy that did a switch heelflip, frontside flip, and switch tre flip over that double set?

-"Yeah he shut it down that day."
by Toe drag January 02, 2011
to take complete control of a situation at any given moment
Matt: "I'll believe it when I see. There is no way you are taking that chick home. She's making out with another dude."
Kris: "I've shut it down before. I'll shut it down again. I do what do."

by lanphierlions December 03, 2007
The beginning of the end. Generally used to inform 'THE BOYS' of a female who is willing to mate.
'What is your present progress on that hot bodie?'
'I cofirm your intentions and will speak to you, in detail tomorrow.'
by Kabouta January 31, 2006
An expression of incredulity (that you are unable or unwilling to believe something).

Analogous to "Get outta here!" or "You can't be serious!"
"You're moving to Florida? SHUT IT DOWN!!"
by FrankHasNoName March 06, 2008
To stop working, to chill out, to take it easy, to relax
On fridays our class likes to shut it down and watch a movie.
by Steve-O April 02, 2005
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