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The process of giving an angry dragon while getting a blumpkin
Milad: i need to do something with my girl
Nate: how bout a shurb
Milad: o man thats a great idea, i heard its the best pleasure a man can get
by naynay1 November 18, 2008
The process of giving an angry dragon during a Blumpkin
George: what did you do last night?
Paul: I got a shurb bro!!
George: damn you are sooooo lucky i always wanted to get a shurb.
by shurber October 15, 2008
a shurb is testacle sucker, normally gay as only men can be them
pete:"dude, that guy is a gay shurb!"

jonny:"i know what you mean, i aint lettin him near me"
by hamito April 25, 2006