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A person who is VERY annoying. This person has NO friends. NO ONE likes them. This person is the nosiest person EVER. Oh and he has a HUGE nose. A TINY Penis. BIG nipples. ANNOYING voice. SMELLY breathe. CHIPPED tooth. Girlfriend is UGLY and MAN like. THIS PERSON IS A DISGRACE.
Wow, Look at Mike. He is tottaly a Shuppy.
by CoreyCash August 11, 2010
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A GREAT guy with a HUGE dick. Everyone loves him and he his sexual prowess is known world wide. This man is revered as a god in many countries and has great power in a bedroom. In many cultures he is the god of sex.
Wow do you see that guy he is a shuppy.
by W!nds0r December 03, 2010

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