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1. The model United Nations team at Seton Hall University
2. A collective group of Seton Hall students (mostly IR majors)with a tendency to fight with each other and cause unnecessary amounts of drama and discord
3. A club in which the executive board elections often take unnecessary amounts of time, as the majority of it's members are power-hungry and pretentious
4. The members of which host exclusive parties at which there is often absurd amounts of liquor present, mainly one Clan McGregor
1. "Are you going to SHUNA tonight?"
2. Hillary couldn't believe the latest SHUNA drama, as it involved the president trying to impeach the training coordinator
3. "Were you invited to the SHUNA party on Saturday?"
by AnnatarThePansy April 15, 2008
(N): The Seton Hall United Nations Association. An organization at Seton Hall University which specializes in model untied nations simulations, hosting a conference for high school students and drama. Indeed, it is without a doubt, the most high octane drama short of a sketchy West-end production of Jerry Springer the Musical, and they do break into song occasionally. Prone to Inquiries and questionable behavior, they still manage to bring home numerous awards complimented with an impossible tolerance to alcohol.
"Did you hear how SHUNA did at Yale?"
"No, more random hook-ups with anyone in uniform and partying?"
"Yeah, and they also brought home 8 awards!"
by Shunisto November 07, 2007

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