An Asian who is a way of life and also the answer to all.
Shun is a way of life.

Person 1: He screwed me over
Person 2: It's chill. Want to know why?
Person 1: Why?
Person 2: Shun.
by gaycucumber01 March 31, 2012
Shortened version of the noun relations. Used as a subtle indicator that sex is desired when company is present.
"Do you want to have shuns while the kids are watching Spongebob?"
by GetToDaChoppah December 07, 2011
answer to all.

a way of life.

an asian man.

the answer to all human creation and exsistance.
your a shun
"you know why you broke your leg?" "why" "shun"
by jassie March 31, 2012
An Indian Moslim monkey with a tendency to riot in the streets of Bangcock.
Keep the shuns quiet with some pepper spray and tear gas.
by Cock Friend August 12, 2003
Creative Genius Duplicated by en masse, Style is personalized on expressive emotion, Misunderstood purposely, but simple minded. Corrupted Brilliance and Humility unknownst to people.
Shun is a collaborated effort of Hipster and Hood.
by CantEEnHandle April 15, 2016
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