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A woman that is not easily defined. Shukrey is NOT Somalian...I repeat she is NOT Somalian. She is DJIBOUTIAN! She speaks many different languages including french, english, somali, bullshit, gibberish etc etc and practices many different accents. She loves to be in love. Shukrey are fashionistas and shopaholics. They like to talk AND they are very easy to talk to. If you ever see a Shukrey, just HOLLA at her!
Shukreys motto: "Life in plastic, it's fantastic"
Boy 1- Hey who's that girl thats lookin fly but won't stop talkin?
Boy 2- Oh that, thats Shukrey my french sista!

Boy 1- FRENCH?!? i thot she was a pirate?
by queensintown November 05, 2011