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The combination of the words Short and Ugly. Shuglys, euphemistically known as shugs, can be lovable creatures. Shugly is a cute way of referring to nice boys that buy you dinner and are good at hooking up, but that are, unfortunately, completely undatable due to the tragic combination of being short and ugly.
Lisa: Hey, are you dating that short boy from Rockledge?
Coleen: No, he's too shugly
by Jacklyn and Alexandra October 14, 2009
A mix between SHIT and UGLY. A term used to describe an unbeleivably ugly person.
(btw this means even ugier than fugly)
(Sarah walks past Harry and Jim)

Jim (after puking): Oh my god, that chick is soooooo Shugly!

Harry (also after puking): Yeah I know.........Damn she made me barf on my new shoes
by July 10, 2008
The act of intercourse with an ugly chick.
1.The bearded lady and I had shugly under the covers.
by ugliesfolife May 14, 2005
The combination of she and ugly.
"Yo, what you think about her?" said the little nigga. "Shugly!" said the big nigga.
by TalkRealOG January 14, 2010
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