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Shugaduga(pronounced: shoog-ah-doog-ah) is a word of awesomeness. It is a verb(or sometimes adjective) meant for awesome things, most of the time pertaining to ninjas and ninja-like shtuff.
Can be separated: "I'm about to shuga the duga!"
Can be extended with more "-duga" and occasionally a "-do":
Can also be used as a sound effect!(Best used for beat boxing.)

"And then the plane went 'Shugadugadugaduga...' across the sky!"

Alternative use: something similar to "Aww, yeah."
Ex1: "Dude, I just totally shugaduga-ed across that park bench!"

Ex2: Bob- "Freddie, we just pwned those guys!"
Freddie- "Shugaduga!"

Ex3: "Dude, check out the toms on my air drum set!
by apickle. June 24, 2011
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