the pinkish/brown mole just above the vaginal area that appears after a white woman shaves.
I grabbed Lois' grocery store feet and sread her legs apart as I trampled her on the sofa after winning the bowling tourney.

Just before our eyes met, I caught a glimpse of the shuckle that was three inches above her glory hole and then I vomited.
by tim-tim April 28, 2004
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The Mold Pokemon. Shuckle has the
highest defense and special defense stat of any Pokemon(but the lowest attack and speed stats of any pokemon).
In Pokemon colosseum there is a trainer called the Deep King in the Deep Colosseum, who uses a Shadow Shuckle.
by Light Joker June 05, 2004
The best Pokémon ever invented.
Has the highest defense and special defense of all other Pokémon.
Can hit for over 1,000,000 points of damage.
Don't fuckle with Shuckle.
by Brckstarr November 05, 2013

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