A virgin for life. A person that is so unattractive and weird that they lack the ability to pull the other gender and will do into the foreseeable future.
Tom: Dude check out that guy's joke abercrombie and fitch shirt!
Rich: Yeah, that guy is such a shrubb!
by dexterchip October 23, 2010
When one's pubic hair is between bare and bush.
Man, I gotta shave I'm pushing a shrubb.
by Jarfus May 11, 2011
Someone who thinks they're too cool for school but really they're a total geek - and not even in the 'geek chic' kind of way. Just a geek.
Look at that loser, she thinks she's so cool. I know, what a Shrubb.
by DC79 April 20, 2011

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