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To accomplish proper or execute in a stylish and righteous way, as per skiing or surfing.

To conquer or destroy.


To have rough or kinky sex.
That run was a double black diamond, but I totally shromped that hill.

Get on your board and shromp that wave hard!

That girl? Yeah, I shromped her proper..
by Baranca June 13, 2010
A combination of the words shred and stomp, most often heard in the context of surfing. As in pumping your surfboard on a mushy wave to pass the flat sections and gain speed. Can also be used to describe a similar pumping movement on a skateboard or snowboard to gain speed.
The waves were so mushy on the takeoff, all I could do was shromp it to the inside hollow section.


Do you wanna bonnie it or just shromp?
by bastionthelionslayer September 02, 2009
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