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The effect of cold water on the penis , whether from a lake, shower, or anywhere, making it considerably smaller
Dude look at his shrinky dink! It's tiny!
by jiujitsujack August 07, 2009
when you get out of the shower and your dick shrinks
I stepped out of the shower and looked down and noticed that i had a shrinky dink.
by Sammy Ferguson September 20, 2004
Product for children. Sheets of shrinkable plastic that can be colored in and cut out. Most important think is that after baking in an oven they shrink few times of its original size.
I remember that I made Christmas toys with Shrinky Dinks when I was in elementary school.
by Piotr Nowicki June 05, 2007
That time of the month for men in which they act like douches. Its symptoms are similar to that of the female period but more severe and can occur at any time of the month. Characterized by mood swings, anal retention, and an inability to find his balls.
He must be on his shrinky dink, he's acting like a biotch.
by JeStKa October 23, 2010
A device that is placed over the penis in order to shrink it.
Shrinky dinks don't sell that good in China because they don't make them that small :)
by SM3393 January 09, 2009
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