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a name for a hot gurl
da gurl is a fine showty
by Sasha February 27, 2004
partner,peer,friend,associate, some one who you call if you need there attention
hey showty is u going to da atrium?
by Allen June 06, 2004
a roughicated word substitute for shorty. Shorty is refering either (1)to a person who is short, but in an endearing way; a friend (2)but usually used when refering to one's woman/biotch.
(1)yo, showty! You gonna try and play some ball tonight?
(2)Damn, showty need to come to my crib and give lil'G the hook up.
by Shane Stahl June 04, 2004
when taking a hit from a blut, bowl, or joint you exchange smoke with another person by a kiss, thus giving them the smoke from your hit
That guy is so hot! I'm going to go ask him to smoke with us so i can do a showty with him.
by mokey297 September 23, 2009
A girl, usually under the age of 20 or so, that leads a life along the lines of dropping out of high school, finding a no-body boyfriend and having a baby with that boyfriend. Also, tends to have a dead end job and usually is content with the shit life she lives. She may have good physical attributes but will lose the sexiness after being pregnant for 9 months. Also, partying is more important than taking care of her baby which was a mistake, consequently leading the new born to grow up just like his father, a low life screw up.
I just found out my Showty is pregnant.
by cheerleader eater May 20, 2010
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