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The first and only raw rock band
Raw Rock Kills: get ready to die
by commanderwaffles January 22, 2005
1) A Christian rock band from the Savannah, Georgia area. They are signed to Solid State Records. They are known for having several unique twists to their sound and their image. First, their two vocalists, Josh Dies and Ivory Mobley, trade off in dueling vocals which alternate between yelling, screaming, and singing. This effect has caused the band to occasionally be labeled as a "spaz rock" band. Second, they are one of the few hardcore bands that uses a keytar. Third, they are known for wearing only red and black clothing when performing, an aspect that causes many critics to label them as a fashioncore band. All members of the band are very energetic during their concerts. Fourth, in keeping with their campaign for uniqueness in the music scene, the band generally does not refer to their music as a particular genre; instead, they prefer the term "raw rock".

2) Refers to the twelve cakes or loaves of bread which were continually present on the Table of Showbread in the Jewish Temple as an offering to Yhwh.
I went to a Showbread concert last night. It was crazy! RAW ROCK KILLS!

I wonder if showbread tasted good.
by Gus! April 01, 2006
A starch that is typically ingested prior to participating in any type of scene activity (ie. moshing, hardcore shows, screamo shows, floor punching, skanking, two-stepping, ska shows, etc.)
XdylanX: Let's get some bread!
AsianMatt: What kind of bread?
XdylanX: Show Bread, brotha! What other kind of bread is there?!
by Alisa&Emily July 22, 2005
Bread on a table for show.
The bread was a showbread
by Adria And Renae March 20, 2005

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