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Noun: A man or woman who cries out very loudly at the onset, during and after cumming. Not so sharply piercing as a screamer in the same context.
My lady classified herself as a shouter as she cried out "Oh, no. No, no, no, no! as her orgasm built and exploded. She shouted louder as her orgasm escaped from her body and I told her that I could see the head of my cock at the back of her throat as she opened her mouth wide to shout. She then gave a few calmer shouts as the orgasm departed.
by neverdone December 26, 2007
An ineffective member of Senior Mgmt bought in when a work situation has become troublesome. Whilst the aim is for the shouter to fix things by putting the fear of god into a team they generally fail and slip sadly away. At this time a 'Pointer' is often engaged.
The project was so bad that they brought in a shouter to get things back on track

That shouter didn't last long, only two weeks but pissed everyone off in that time
by j5hrp May 29, 2009