A term widely used in Natural Selection to refer to the shotgun.
PoopskilletPappy - hey com shotty plz
187Commandar - suck my dick
by D-san September 06, 2003
blowin through the oppisite end of a bunt or a joint to give the other person a phat ass hit to get maaaad fucked up
hey bitch lemme get a shotty off that bz for i punch you in yo shit mudda fakko!
by pimp January 01, 2004
Shotty is used in working class central belt Scotland to replace the phrase 'watch out', 'beware', 'there is someone coming' etc etc etc so that the teacher/parent/adult is not aware that others are being warned of their approach.

warningwhistleowl hoot
A teacher leaves a class in gymnastics to check on something. The class, in absence of the teacher continue to fight/shag/smoke and generally be wee shites. On the teachers return to the class the lookout (or whoever notices) shouts "shotty" at which point the class beagan doing rolly polly's and other such appropriate behaviour as to not get in trouble.


#Robber: "I'm almost finished robbing this rich bastard-is the coast still clear look out"?

#Look out: "SHOTTY"!(rather than "shit man thats the fucking police")
by artemis_18_2000 April 08, 2011
forcing the fumes of the canabis pollen through water via a disused fanta bottle with a pipe at the bottom, sucking all the air out from the top and inhaling.
Me and Garath stayed up all nite and did shottys. I slept for a week!
by jack July 01, 2003
When you sell something that does not belong to you.
Ashley stole my bike, sprayed it and is gonna shotty it to Ben.
by Ackroyd11 March 22, 2008
takin a hit of herb while sum1 blows from the other end causing you to get a huge hit, cough, n get mad fucked up
"gimme a shotty from that blunt"
by sarah April 02, 2003
Shotty: Shot-ty

Pronounced: shot-tee

1. Unfortunate; unpleasant.

2. Of very poor quality, highly inferior.

3. Insignificant.

4. Being in a poor state or miserable situation.

5. Used to replace the word shitty there for not so vulgar.
1. Dude, that is so shotty!

2. I saw the movie Twilight last night, it was pretty shotty.

*Not really used in sentences, usually used as a response to a statement. For examples,

Statement: I got a speeding ticket on the way to the airport and ended up missing my flight.

Response: Shotty!
by Reesetopher January 15, 2010

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