To reserve or claim something you want.

Own brain
Timmeh: Shotty yo thug rags!
Kash: Goddamn! I ain't dead yet you ezin!
by Shnizzle November 01, 2006
The most awesome chick alive, A girl that really knows how to get down and dirty. Someone super hot
That sarah is such a shotty
by jacksonbrown234234 February 02, 2009
An extended version of calling "shotgun" for the front seat of the car. You can call "shotties" for anything you want.
"Shotties for the last piece of candy!"
by Marlene Rodriguez November 29, 2005
The greatest band of all time. Shotty is the epitome of AWESOMENESS. They are the next best thing to happen to rock music. Shotty loves you.
Shotty loves you
by milesofshotty April 13, 2009
Low qualiy of craftsmanship resulting from inexperience, inattentin to detail, rushed laboring or bad materials. Skantily put together shed built on sand by amateurs from beachwood.
Shotty workmanship on a house will yeild a failing, leaking structure easily overcome by the elements.
by PervaderofLogic October 18, 2012
when someone says something stupid or has a "blonde" moment, another person will yell shotty and hit the person on the back of the neck
Eddy: Wait, did he just say we're going elk hunting?
You: Noooo, he asked if you thought that was funny. That's a shotty.
by cierraholly November 27, 2010
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