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shortbreading it is where you buzz kill something or you bagel something and it can meen you are just pure fail

shortbread is like kryptonite because superman man is mega awesome and can do everthing but when kryptonite ,(shortbread), is near him he is ultra lame
in sumerry shortbread is so lame that lame radiates of the shortbreader making everyone around the shortbreader an utter fail
a) "i fucked up , oh my god i shortbreaded it"

b) guy 1 :"hahaha dont you find the word dogging it funny"
guy 2 :"haha id love to go catting haha"
guy 1:"you lame shortbread krytonite fuck"

c) guy 1"ive done with my life it is just a fail"
guy 2 "you meen your life is just a complete shorbread fest"

d) guy 1:"dont you hate that lingerer"
lingerer:"hey guys whats up"
guy 2:"oh neow what a shortbread"

e)guy 1:"i wanna know what love is i want you you show me baby"
guy 2:" stop shortbreading that song man"
guy 1:"sorry man i will stop shortbreading it
#bagelled #buzz kill #lame #fail #kryptonite
by f***ing chuck norris February 23, 2010
shortbreading it is were you either buzz kill something or you have bagelled something or you are a failure.

shortbread is like kriptonite because superman is amazing and can do anything but when superman is near kriptonite he is mega lame , in summery shortbreading it is so lame ass, that lameness radiates of the shortbreader and to be called a shortbread is to be called a failed beeing
shortbreading it
lame shortbread kryptonite fuck
you shortbread
your so lame you ate shortbread with bagels because you are just lame
#bagelled #buzz kill #lame #fail #kryptonite
by f***ing chuck norris February 23, 2010
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