A shortstack has recently been used to defined a female subject which has the characteristics of pancakeness on her body. In other words, she has pancake ass as well as a pancake, or flat, tits. Saucer nipples would not modify this definition but would be a great +1.
Ey shortstack! You wouldn't wear shoes if you had no feet right? Why are you wearing a bra and panties?

Damn, I think I got a splinter from that shortstack.
by sacerdote June 11, 2010
effing awesome australian band..

Shaun Diviney - vocals/guitar
Andy Clemmensen - vocals/bass
Bradie Webb - drums
I went to see short stack yesterday, maaan they were awesome!!
by 467 September 20, 2008
A cute little boy in 6th grade who gives you money and is very nice. He gives you gum that has a dissolving wrapper and also gives you a pencil if you need it in class. I love you shortstack!!!

Hey shortstack! You have a pencil?

Aww shortstack you are soo cute!

Shortstack? I need money. Love you!
by peaceluvcookies5 May 18, 2009
3 wankers from Australia who decided (without a sane person's opinion) that they were 'freakin' hawt' and tried to learn an instrument-failed miserably-and decided that because they (almost) aced "Smoke On The Water" that they could form a super hawt boy band, so they did. They gained a lot of friends (on Myspace) and then played some gigs locally. They were mega chuffed when they realised they actually had fans! OMG, like 4 of them. Four fucking scene kids. It's just so ironic that they happened to be 4 years old and weighed 444kg, SEXY! Anyway, it was this that made them decide that they were on the path to ultimate stardom! So, they spiked up their shit hair, put their gay face on, banged a few kiddie groupies and finally busted out a few tunes-which were shit. In the Summer of 2010, the lead vocalist, Shaun Diviney, tradgically (not) died. It seems as though he busted out too many shitty tunes, which busted his balls and he grew a vagina. Cause of death: homoness.
*popping sound*
"Omg, what is that sound? It sounds like someones growing a vagina!"
"Shaun Diviney's growing a vagina..."
"Really? I thought she already had one."
"RIP Short Stack."
"Really Incredibly Pathetic."

Oyeeeeah! ^,^
by lava lamp madness September 21, 2010
A sexy band consisting of 3 hot guys.

Vocals/Guitar - Shaun Diviney
Base Guitar/Backup Vocals - Andy Clemmensen (SEXY)
Drums - Bradie Webb

They are so HOT and they are from New South Wales, Australia. They write their own songs and play their own music. They are hilarious and I will always love and support them. You haters make me laugh, so pathetic. Watch Short Stack TV on youtube if you havent alreay :)
Short Stack rocks, Andy Clemmensen forever.
by Maddie Clemmensen July 11, 2009
the best band ever from Newcastle, Australia.

consists of Shaun: singer/guitarist
Andy: bass player/backing vocals
Bradie: drummer
Shaun: OMG how awesome was Short Stack last night?
fan: Shaun, get a life.
by EmilyRaddPants July 26, 2008
The worst band ever formed. They can't sing and use 4 chords in all their songs. Unlike Kurt Cobain, the 4 chords that are used don't sound effective. Their fans are mostly teenyboppers who can't spell
Fan:ZoMg!!!!11oneeleven ShOrT sTaCk ArE sO aWeSoMe I <3 tHeM

Me: *Facepalm*
by KiwiBass January 09, 2010
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