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In the game of Poker, a player who has a small (or smallest) amount of chips at the table is said to be have the "Short Stack" or be "Short-Stacked."

You often see short-stacked players go all in if they have at least one overcard or any pocket pair.
Phil Hellmuth, after mucking his hand on tilt, found himself short stacked.
by Giskard March 22, 2005
a particularly short person
"that shortstack cooks might good"
by JT December 15, 2003
A very talented band from New South Whales who are frequently criticised by puthetic people who are filled with so much self-loathing, that instead of improving their miserable 'lives', choose to make fun of three handsome men who have better hair, better personalities and more success and money than them. These people comment on their Youtube videos and do things like questioning their sexuality (how original.) So firstly; WHAT IS WRONG WITH BEING GAY?! And secondly; if you hate them stop wasting your time Googling them. I'm sure you have better things to do; like masturbate to pictures of your mother. So to all the haters; while you're here reading this Short Stack are out making money, getting laid, and probably fucking your sister. So go play in traffic.
Person one: Did you see Short Stack last night?
Person two: Yeah! Fuck me they were amazing.
by Squeeky28 January 07, 2010
An incredibly sexy band, formed in NSW, Australia.

Short Stack consists of 3 band members; Shaun Divney (guitarist & lead vocalist), Andrew (Andy) Clemmensen (plays bass & back-up vocalist) and Bradie Webb (drummer & keys).

Short Stack is an awesome band loved by most. Their fans mostly consist of 11-20 year olds.

Shaun, Andy & Bradie are all irresistably sexy (especially Andy). They have sexy hair styles and their style is hot.

Short Stack are the best band ever!
Person 1: OMG, how good was Short Stack's concert last night?!

Person 2: I know, right. Andy looked so sexy.

Person 1: I know. They all did. Especially Andy :D

Person 2: I love Short Stack!

Person 1: Me too!!!
by bballbabiii123 December 23, 2009
Short Stack is a pop punk Australian band, formed in Budgewoi, New South Wales, in 2005. It consists of three members; Shaun Diviney (lead vocals, guitar), Andy Clemmensen (backing vocals, bass) and Bradie Webb (drums, keys). The band formed at school when they were younger. Short Stack now have a new album called 'Stack is the new Black' and have many hit singles including 'Princess' and 'Sway Sway Baby'.
They have 'Short Stack TV' which runs on YouTube and spend a lot of their time talking to their friends on MySpace, and touring around Australia. When asked when they would tour New Zealand, they said that 'we got the name wrong and are going to Old Zealand' (or something like that).
Their audience ranges from 11-17 girls, and people from outside that age-group flame their band (just see some of the other definitions of the band).

Their band is around, love them or hate them, their here to stay.
Girl 1: OMG, did you see Short Stack last night?
Girl 2: Yes! It was the best ever, I bought all of the shirts there.
Girl 3: Which one is your fav though?
Girl 2: I think the 'Sway Sway Bradie' one.
Girl 4: Of course it is, you haven't taken it off for 4 days.
by rubixwizard December 19, 2009
Also a term for an individual, particualrly a man, of short stature. Insult
Sam: "Yo whats up short stack?"
Gary Coleman: "What u talkin about"
by friarsams April 20, 2005
the most bestest band in Australia,

consisting of the most bestest people:
- Shaun Diviney
- Andy Clemmensen
- Bradie Webb
If you really dont like them then go look at their GOLD album "Stack Is The New Black" and tell me that they are still shit.
if you really dont like them go tell it to their face!
i stick up for the awesome
person 1: why do you even like that band short stack? i mean they suck and they are talentless!!
person 2: well are you still prepared to call then suckish if i say that they got a GOLD record for Stack Is The New Black?
person 1: they did what?
person 2: thats right!
person 1: OMG! they must be awesome
by Short Stack Lover June 13, 2010