A three-member band of friends from Budgewoi, Australia.

Could be classified as Australia's main boy band.

Either loved or hated. Usually generate a very strong opinion from people who know them when brought up in conversation.

Are extremely energetic on stage.

Have hordes of screaming, underage fans who stalk their every move, and a fair few older fans who usually get pushed aside by the screaming teenies.
Girl 1: "Did you go see Short Stack last night?"
Girl 2: "Yeah they were pretty fantastic."
Girl 1: "What about the crowd?"
Girl 2: "It was insane. I got swamped by 14 year olds...Ugh."
by tiaargghh December 14, 2009
a australian band consisting of three members, Shaun , Andy and Bradie. They have 1 album 'Stack is the New Black'. All members are extremley hot, have awsome hair and are very talented in their musicals fields of choice........ Short Stack are a band for teenagers and write their own songs. ;D
"Who sings 'Sway Sway Baby' ??"
"Short Stack'

"Who has rad hair"
"Short Stack"
by little_miss_bleed_me_dry December 19, 2009
1. a small pile of pancakes

2. a short person, particulary female
DAMN SHORTSTACK! it's ok! we can't all be normal height!
by yo mama! December 15, 2003
A short woman, typically around 4 feet tall, that's curvy and well endowed in the chest and ass regions. A curvy girl who only comes to mid chest height with Huge Tits and a Plump ass.
"Holy shit did you see that Short stack? Her tits are so big she could Titfuck me without having to bend over!"
by salsaPimp May 07, 2015
A very talented band from New South Whales who are frequently criticised by puthetic people who are filled with so much self-loathing, that instead of improving their miserable 'lives', choose to make fun of three handsome men who have better hair, better personalities and more success and money than them. These people comment on their Youtube videos and do things like questioning their sexuality (how original.) So firstly; WHAT IS WRONG WITH BEING GAY?! And secondly; if you hate them stop wasting your time Googling them. I'm sure you have better things to do; like masturbate to pictures of your mother. So to all the haters; while you're here reading this Short Stack are out making money, getting laid, and probably fucking your sister. So go play in traffic.
Person one: Did you see Short Stack last night?
Person two: Yeah! Fuck me they were amazing.
by Squeeky28 January 07, 2010
Also a term for an individual, particualrly a man, of short stature. Insult
Sam: "Yo whats up short stack?"
Gary Coleman: "What u talkin about"
by friarsams April 20, 2005
A short girl, usually 5'4" or shorter, with an impressive bust, almost out of proportion to the size of her body. ( short + stacked ) Shortstacks are usually curvy and possess dat ass as well.
Dude, did you see that one chick in the pit at the 5FDP concert? She was a total shortstack!
by LeninIsBae September 24, 2015
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