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A word particularly effective when exaggerated (SHHOOOOORRN-ZZZ)and pronounced in a deep/bassy voice.

Usually uttered/bellowed in situations of enormous bordem and/or insanity.

Dates back to the times of "King Glegluna" (1376 - '84 - Mongilia)
The word was bellowed through a large horn, which marked the day that it was legal to breed Wombats with Grey Hounds.
1) 4:30am on a Sunday night, slight drizzle, piercingly cold wind, the night has been used up... Gazing into an empty McDonalds Carpark, look left.. stillness.. look your friend sitting in the car next to you, hands on he's ears, head down, leaning an inch away from the horn.
Look forward.. nothing.. stillness.... when all of a sudden you see something move in your peripheral vision to your right.. you look over and your friend is looking at you with a look of crazed insanity mixed with desperation.. he looks forward, takes a deep breath and lets out a bellowing.... "SHOOOOOORRRNNSSSS!!!"

2) a word that may provide a code name for a certain person, place, or thing.
eg. Man 1 - "Where are you going Frank?"
Man 2 - "Settle the fuck down Steven! I'm going to Shorns house to get a cappucino, you comin?"

As you can see in this particular scenario, "Shorns House" has been applied to the word "Maccas", or "McDonalds"
by Steeeeevvennnnnn November 20, 2008
Intercoursed in the anus with a corn husk
"No! I don't wanna get shorn!"
by lcmpg January 05, 2007
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