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A rule in colleges that states that if one falls asleep with his shoes on, he is fair game for shaming. If one has the presence of mind to take off thier shoes before going to bed, it is ruled that he has merely fallen asleep, rather than passed out in a drunken stupor.
::Waking up with a big cock drawn on his face:: FUCK! Why didn't I take my shoes off? Goddamn shoes rule...
by Steven Hopkins March 06, 2006
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If you pass out with your shoes on, people can safely fuck around with you. If, however, you have the presence of mind to toss off your kicks, it indicates that you know you're going to sleep, rendering you off-limits.
Party foul! Shoes rule. This dude's in socks. We can't get 'im.
by Ellae April 11, 2011
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