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When you look so good in your shoes and have to much pride to take them off because you know being sexy sometimes hurts. Go girl! bend&snap

"Louis Vuitton shoes, she got too much pride
Her feet are killing her, I call it shoe-icide
Looking good has it's sacrifices"
by six.ten October 10, 2010
The vain act of wearing shoes that kill your feet for the self satisfaction of looking "cute".
Even though Amy was committing shoeicide, she did not care b/ she felt she looked fine in her new Prada boots.
by amisstree November 30, 2010
Shoes that kill you feet but look good so girls wear them.
Did you see Ali's shoe?

Yeah, they were so tall she musta been commiting shoeicide.

Girls will do anything for their shoes...
by That-teenage-girl-next-door May 08, 2011
The situation when you wear super painful very high heels and its killing your feet!
These 6inch heals are shoeicide!

Shes commiting shoeicide wearing those heels, beauty is pain!
by monty241 February 15, 2011
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