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A word that can take any form or meaning, that is appropriate for the situation. It can also be used to replace boring words.
What do we have to shnuck?
I'm so shucking tired!
This shirt feels a little too shnuck.
by Duaa October 21, 2007
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a person who don't know shit
a person who is like a piece of shit
"You know that Sam guy is such a shnuck"
"Your such a stupid SHNUCK"
by purplemonkey May 04, 2004
A general term used to describe any noun.
Dude, Greg is such a shnuck.
by StiZZyLeY March 10, 2009
relating to the commonly used word: shnuckums. informal. friendly. slang/pet name for a loved one.
hello shnucks, how are you today?
by shnuckgirl November 08, 2009

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