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A word capable of replacing just about any word you can think of.

A word used when you can't remember the word you're trying to say.

A general expression.
Shnippidy Nip.

What's that shnip?

Want to shnip over there for a bit of a shnip?

Care to shnip my shnipper?

Shnip told me to tell you that he's going to be shnippin you later.

Shtap your shnippin

I just shnipped myself
by bumbum9294 October 05, 2011

Words related to Shnip

A word to describe sudden realisation. To cover up the word shit.
"Oh shnips...Im the only one wearing pajamas...oh it was crazy hair day..
by Charisse Phreshness September 23, 2008